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The 5th edition of plastprintpack & agrofood Ethiopia from 8 to 10 June 2023 in Addis Ababa

Plastics | Printing | Packaging

The 5th edition of Ethiopia’s leading plastprintpack & agrofood trade show will be held in Addis Ababa from 8 to 10 June 2023.

The event will once again be organised by fairtrade in cooperation with its local partner Prana Events.

Review: plastprintpack & agrofood Ethiopia 2021 was a great success

High exhibitor satisfaction ratings

For this event, from 14 to 16 October 2021, exhibitors had come to Addis Ababa with rather low expectations due to Corona, many even stayed away altogether. All the more pleasing was the great interest in live business contacts of no less than 2,458 visitors and their interest in doing business with exhibitors from 9 countries representing a wide spectrum of the entire value chain.  

The high satisfaction ratings on the part of exhibitors reflect this, as does the statement by Matthias Thienel of Destilla: "We were unsure what to expect due to the pandemic and the overall situation of the country, but our expectations for the exhibition were outmatched by far."

Speaking of exhibitor satisfaction, here are the amazing results of the survey: 

After the great success of plastprintpack & agrofood Ethiopia 2021, others will certainly consider their participation again for 2023. And the good thing is, with dates of June 8-10, 2023, it's just around the corner and will stay back on its traditional June date from then on.

Until then, exhibitors and visitors can stay in touch via our brand new exportal. Exhibitors, and only they, can even access the profiles of all visitors here, filter by topics and interests, and stay in touch via videocall throughout the year.

Exhibitors 2021: The pavilions came from Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey, the exhibitors were from Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey and USA.

  • The German Pavilion was presented by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry AUMA. In addition to the information stand of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, exhibitors like Buschhoff, Caisley International, Destilla, GGI-Spermex, Krones and Te So Ten Elsen Specht will displayed their products and solutions on their own stands within the official German Pavilion. Please see the exhibitors and their products & services.
  • Italian exhibitors included Ave Technologies, Della Toffolla, Priamo Food Technologies and Z-Italia.
  • Exhibitors in the Russian Pavilion supported by the Russian Export Centre and Moscow region showcased adapted solutions and technologies for the Ethiopian agrofood industry. Russian exhibitors included Geomir, IMT Group, Royal Cane and 10 Med.
  • The Turkish Pavilion was again supported by the Ministry of Trade and features companies like Aves, Endülüs Krom, Intermak, Kombi Makina, Kozlu Gida, Kuatro, Milkman Makine, Özmermer Gida, Nadir Yag, Orkide (Küçükbay) and Seyhan.


  • Ethiopian plastics, packaging and printing sectors are the new and emerging fields that move the country's economy forward in creating jobs, establishing backward and forward linkages with agricultural and industrial outputs, import substitution and foreign currency generation.

    In the plastic subsector, there are more than 400 factories in injection, blow film, extrusion and blow molding, small, medium and large-scale manufacturers. The production capacity of the sector rose from less than 50,000 tons to more than 400,000 in the past 5 years. Unfortunately, we still have to import all the raw materials like PVC, PE, PP, EVA, … for all products produced locally. This sector alone consumes more than a billion dollars each year by average.

    Dr. Yonas Abate 
    Rubber and Plastic Directorate Director - Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute

  • As we all know, Ethiopia has been demonstrating continous and high GDP growth for the last two decades and became one of the world's fastest growing economies. We can also mention Ethiopia as one of the most impressive investment destinations not only in continental Africa, but also in the world.

    Considering this fact, I am sure that Ethiopia, with its great potential in agriculture, food processing, packaging, technology, ingredients, food and hospitality, is one of the perfect destinations for Turkish manufacturers and trading parties. Within this respect as the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Addis Ababa, I will continue to motivate Turkish companies to participate in this fair for the upcoming years.

    This year, we have 12 exhibitors operating in different sectors from plastics, waste refining to food and bakery manufacturing machinery. They exhibit their products and services in the Turkish pavilion with a total of 192 sqm under the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey umbrella.

    H.E. Ms Yaprak Alp
    Ambassador​ -
    Embassy of the Republic of Turkey 

  • It is a great pleasure to be here – the agrofood & plastprintpack trade fair is a step back into normality. In a way, this event testifies to our joint capacity to overcome incredible hardships and find solutions.

    Since 2017, this trade show has served to connect Ethiopian, German and European businesses. Its last iteration in 2019 saw the participation of 153 exhibitors from 18 countries and over 3,200 visitors. Then the pandemic struck and it was not possible to hold the event in 2020. Today, another year later, I am proud to take part in the opening of the fourth event.

    The technologies and solutions present here can help reduce waste and the spoiling of valuable food resources through modern and sustainable production and packaging. It can contribute to a better life for many citizens in Ethiopia. When it comes to the development of sustainalbe solutions to one of our most pressing environmental challenges, Ethiopia will always find Germany and Europe at its side.

    In 2020 the Ethiopia-EU’s trade volume remained firmly over two billion euros. I am sure, that my European colleagues and the companies from other European Nations share my enthusiasm about the opportunities that this trade fair creates.

    ​H.E. Mr Stephan Auer​, Ambassador​
    Ambassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

  • Being an Ethiopian based company, we set out to target the local market within our first year of operations. We recognized the gap in the market for sustainable alternative packaging and glassware. With our upcycled glassware we aim to provide a turn key solution to local international businesses in the HoReCa, food & bev tec, manufacturing and retail sectors.

    At the show we have met with a huge variety of quality visitors, so it has been a busy successful event to be a part of.

    Ruth Gabriel
    Founder - Alternativ Addis

  • Whilst Ethiopia is large in population terms its relative purchasing power is quite small. We are noticing that this is beginning to change. The market is demanding better quality solutions.

    We are very much satisfied with the visitors quality. Participating is not just about meeting new potential customers but also understanding more about market trends and demands. We truly wish Ethiopian companies would participate at such events.

    Our expectations have been met and exceeded. We will be back next year. Thank you!

    Daniel Mesfin
    Founder – Print and Frame


Visitors highly satisfied

The event was attended by 2,458 visitors from 40 countries, including 19 African countries. The vast majority came from Ethiopia, followed by Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda. Great news for the exhibitors: no less than 61% of the visitors were decision-makers, 71% plan to invest within the next 12 months.

Visitors feedback
Main reasons to visit

Sectors of the visitors’ interest*

  • 14% Plastics raw materials & technology
  • 9% Printing materials & technology
  • 28% Packaging materials & technology  
  • 40% Agriculture                                    
  • 37% Food & beverage technology          
  • 5% Food ingredients
  • 7% Food & hospitality                         

* Multiple responses possible

Video 2019
Video 2018
plastprintpack & agrofood Ethiopia enjoy the strong support of the following Ethiopian and international institutions

Ethiopian government:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Ethiopian Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute
  • Food Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopia
  • Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute


  • DLG German Agricultural Society
  • Embassies of Germany, France, Italy and Turkey
  • German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture
  • GIZ German Association for International Cooperation
  • ITA Italian Trade Agency
  • Kuwait PAI Public Authority for Industry
  • NABC Netherlands African Business Council
  • Turkish Ministry of Trade
  • Turkish Exporters Assembly
  • VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association

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Ms Dariah Pfaff

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